Extra Vehicles – One RV plus one vehicle per site. Do not park in any area other than your assigned space. Extra vehicles which do not fit in the site (and not on the grass or roadway) must be parked in the overflow parking area. Check at the office for availability and fees.

Open Fires are not allowed in the Park. You may use propane outdoor fireplaces.

Clotheslines are not allowed in the Park

Firearms/Fireworks are not to be discharged in the Park

Pets are welcome on a leash. Owners of uncontrolled, aggressive or barking dogs will be asked to leave. Do not leave the Park with pets tied outside, enclosed in a fence, and unattended inside your RV. Fences are permitted during daylight hours. Fenced in area should not encroach on the adjacent sites or enclose more than 30 square feet. Pets are not allowed in any of our facilities. Pet droppings must be picked up.

Children are welcome although we have no facilities for children. Unattended children will be towed at owner’s expense.

Restrooms, Showers and Laundry are for the exclusive use of our guests. We clean them regularly. Please help us by cleaning up after yourself.

Neighbors – Please respect the privacy of others and do not cut across occupied site areas. Quiet time is from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. If you don’t disturb your neighbor they won’t disturb you.

Generators – Please do not run them in the Park.

Garbage and Litter – Dumpster and recycling is located on the South-center of the Park next to the road.

Working on Vehicles – Mechanical work and changing of oil are not to be done on Park grounds. Batteries and oil are to be deposited at a hazardous waste site not in the Park dumpsters.

Sewer Hoses – All sewer hoses must have elbows and tight-fitting connections. No leaks from hoses or connections. Sewer hoses cannot be stuck down the sewer pipe.

Speed Limit is 5 MPH. This is strictly enforced.

Smoking/Drugs is not allowed in any of the common use facilities (laundry, shower, and bathrooms).

Your Site should be neat and tidy. We are trying to keep a good-looking Park for all of you. Winds can come up suddenly, so do not leave your awning down or leave lawn chairs out when you are away.

Vehicle Appearance – It is the express right of the Park management to refuse service to any vehicle, which, in the opinion of management, is not in conformance with the overall level of quality and appearance of the Park.

When you Leave please drive safely. In the winter, please let us check road conditions for you.

We do most anything we can to make sure you have a good time while you are here. We will, however; ask you to leave if you violate the Park policies, destroy property or create a disturbance. There are no refunds if we have to ask you to leave.